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    When we install new machines, we add items in Maximo, to do that we use 4 steps in Maximo:

    – Item Master / ITEM

    – Item Master / ITEM VENDOR

    – Inventory / INVENTORY

    – Assets / SPAREPART

    To get a better control over the process, I wanted to use MxLoader to do that but I can’t fix all the steps with it, I managed to fix the 3 first steps but the last one, connect the Items as sparepart to the Assets doesn’t work.

    If I use the MXL_ASSETSP and try to get a list of the spareparts connected to an Asset, I get as an answer the ASSETNUM and SITEID but no SPAREPART.ITEMNUM or whatsoever connected to the ASSET…

    Has anyone tried that?

    Has anyone an idea what could be the problem?



    I have tested the Spere parts Mxloader templates on a 7.6.1 and it works perfectly reading and writing spare parts.

    Here is a small sample.

    MXL_ASSETSP ASSET Sync-AddChange
    1001 BEDFORD 6I-2499
    1001 BEDFORD 147-0687


    When you say 7.6.1, is it the Maximo Asset Management? This is what I got:
    IBM Maximo Asset Management Build 20161020-1751 DB Build V75011-00


    Yes it’s Maximo 7.6.1.

    Check MXL_ASSETSP Object Structure has the SPAREPART child object.

    You can enable logging in the Config tab and try to see the data received from Maximo.


    Hi Again,

    The SPAREPART is there as child object but if I use the SPAREPART as relation I got an error :

    Error 500: nested exception is: psdi.util.MXAccessException: BMXAA0031E – The SPAREPART object is read only. Verify the business rules for the MBO or MBOSET object.

    If I try the 2 other relations that are in the list, I don’t get anything…


    This is very annoying that my MXL_ASSETSP isn’t working, the answer I got is just empty all the time…



    This is what I get from my Maximo demo VM. Just used the standard template.


    Hi again,

    I am sorry I got a little bit confused between Sparepart and Inventory, what I need is to be able to register new Inventory Items and connect those  to an Asset. When I look in Maximo,  a WhereUsed Table is used to see the connection between the 2 tables ( Asset and Inventory ) but if I add in my MXL_INVENTORY WhereUsed and in MxLoader WhereUsed.Assetnum, I don’t get anything.

    Any idea?



    Much like in Maximo itself, you have to create the Item first before you add to a Spare Parts list.  You can’t do both operations at the same time.

    • Create the new Item Master entries
      • Add to Inventory storerooms if needed or desired.
    • Create the Asset records with Spare Part references using the MXL_ASSETSP structure as shown above.
Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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