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    I have situation where my Maximo Servers are in Central Timezone and I am loading data with MxLoader from the Eastern Timezone.

    So any records I load that have a date (without a time) are loading for the prior day as i think the 1 hour difference makes midnight today 11 PM yesterday. Anyone seen this and have a solution?

    Only solution I know is to go to every date field I migrate and do a +1. This is a monster task as this is a big project with a lot of migrations. I dont know much about the Timezone App in Maximo or Timezone rules but not sure how to use it globally rather then creating a rule for every module I am migrating. Again, a big task with so much migration occurring.

    Just figured I would ask the community.




    I think I just came up with a solution. Change the timezone of my pc when I do the load to be aligned with the servers. Duhhhh…


    There is also a Timezone setting in the Config sheet.

    Can you please try?


    How is the Timezone setting supposed to work?  It’s not a drop down and there’s no mention of how it is intended to work in the User documentation.  Is it just an offset factor for number of hours (1 = add one hour, -1 = subtract one hour, -0.5 = subtract 30m)?


    Its actually based on GMT… I picked -5 to be GMT-5 which was Central Time Zone…. Hope this helps…



    How about that?  Thanks, Miller!  I guess a more useful description of “Timezone offset from GMT/UTC” would be more helpful in the future.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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