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RE: [MAXIMO List] File - SubscriptRules

From: Camilleri, Shirley (2019-12-02 13:17)

Please remove me from the group
Thank You!
From: []
Sent: Sunday, December 1, 2019 2:58 AM
Subject: [MAXIMO List] File - SubscriptRules
You've been accepted to the group. Even if your Yahoo account still doesn't reflect this fact, rest assured it will update soon enough and you will have access.
Now the rules.
Please read them through in their entirety and save this message.
The guidelines are designed to reduce all friction between management and members, and help the group thrive.
Above all else, email the moderator or owner if you are entertaining any doubts or have any concerns.
- posting noise will get you unsubscribed and banned. There's an EXTREMELY
high signal/noise ratio on this list, and I will coldly enforce that
- do not use the list for private discussions. If the discourse is not
something relevant to the reading public, please take it to private email.
- do not post job ads, job requests, or advertisements for your products
or services without talking to the moderator or owner first. Once that
conversation has taken place, you'll know how to post ads and requests
safely and without pain.
- if you leave on vacation, set your email delivery to "no email" until
you return. Visit the group homepage at
If I see an "out of office" email from your account, I will set you to "no
email" without warning. If you keep forcing me to do this for you, I'll
also revoke your posting privileges. We are here to help, not to serve.
- TRIM YOUR POSTS. Top-posting is generally unacceptable: placing
your reply at the top and keeping 400 lines of quoted text is a burden
on everyone else on the list. Be kind and compassionate to others with
low-speed connections. Quote only what you need, and whenever possible,
keep your signatures to elegant concision.
Uploading/ Files
- if you upload a file, compress it. If you post an
uncompressed BMP file, for example, your posting privileges will be revoked.
Space is of limited quantity on the group, and we cannot easily maintain
private files.
- do not upload your screenshots for problems or errors, but if you can link to pastebin or something else, that's fine.
- if you upload a file without putting it in the right directory, or without
putting it in *any* directory (i.e. the root), it will be deleted and your
upload privileges will be revoked.
- do not upload work to which you do not hold the copyright or permissions
to distribute. I cannot host the Maximo SDK here, as much as I'd love
to make that public. I cannot host stolen property either, i.e. full
copies of Maximo executables. We want your original contributions
above all else.
- I will ban anyone connected to spam harvesters, list spammers, or
general nuisances. We allowed exactly one person back who collated
a spam list, and that was after six months of asking. Reprieves will
no longer happen.
Delivery/ Bouncing/"Where are my messages?"
- IF YOU'RE BOUNCING, YOU MAY NOT KNOW IT. Yahoo!Groups tries to send
"restart" messages to your delivery email address. If your mailbox is
full, those messages will not get through. Empty your mailbox.
Also, your mail server may have mistaken flagged your Yahoo!Groups
subscription as spam, or has mistakenly identified Yahoo as a spam
relay. YOU need to inform your mail administrator that you expect
timely delivery of your work-related email. We can provide a standard
subject line that mail admins can use to pass your email to you.
We CANNOT contact you if your mail server is denying communication.
Email the moderator or owner so we can find you.
three requests, usually spaced by five days, to your email address.
If you do not respond to any of them, I will see the unanswered requests
and remove you. I will not set you to "no email", because the expectation
is that if you can administer Maximo, you can administer your own list
- Removal is not banishment. I routinely remove members who let their
accounts lapse, and approve their re-subscription when matters are
sorted out. Banishment is reserved for the very worthy.
Final Words
This sounds harsh, but it's really about making my job easier and spelling out some implied expectations to people who are new to mailing lists.
These guidelines are open to commentary and revision. However, the group is not a democracy, but a benevolent dictatorship. I can be swayed by reason; appeals to my integrity and sense of fair play usually succeed. The users make this group a success, and I will mercilessly defend the space from spammers, noise makers, and distracting content. My goal is to keep the free help flowing.
Thanks. Enjoy.
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