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Re: [MAXIMO List] Displaying PO Costs on the workorder

From: vikas17.j (2019-07-23 19:10)

I would suggest to add the attribute on WPMATERIAL on each line as all PO
costs are mapped to WPMATERIAL and add one more attribute on Work Order as
Total PO Cost of the Work Order.
Thanks & regards,
Vikas Jain
Maximo Solutions Architect / Maximo Techno-Functional Consultant /
Certified Maximo Solutions Advisor
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On Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 1:31 AM Brian Swanson
[MAXIMO] <> wrote:
> I would like to add a field to the workorder for PO Costs, so the costs
> from any PO is displayed there. I know it is there by doing a view costs,
> but I want to do something else with the costs so I need them in a database
> field on the workorder itself. I'm not sure what the best option would be,
> Automation Script, Procedure, trigger? It gets complicated as you can have
> a workorder on several different PO's and POLINES can also have several
> different workorders and I need to rollup all the costs received and not
> received and update a field on the workorder so I can see costs received
> and costs not received, but on active PO's
> Thanks
> Brian Swanson
> IT Senior Analyst - Maximo
> Information Technology
> HermanMiller