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Anomaly with the OOTB Birt report "RFQ Vendor Comparison"

From: mahadevan.r (2018-04-15 06:23)

Dear All,

The OOTB Birt report (rfq_vendor_comparison.rptdesign) is having an anomaly in the Maximo versions 7.5 as well as 7.6 in that it displays the line graph based on the quotations costs(Which could be EUR,USD,AUD,GBP,etc) instead of displaying based on the value in the local currency.

Could anyone let me know if someone faced this issue and subsequently modified the script to display based on the local currency value.The issue is that we don't have a persistent attribute on the quotationline object for the baselinecost and baseunitcost and this prevents us from using these attributes directly in the "open" method of Birt.

Below is the script,Could anyone please share with the modified script in order to display the line graph based on the total cost in the local currency.

// Add query to sqlText variable.
sqlText = " select rfqvendor.vendor vendorCode,(Select name from companies c where as Vendor, coalesce(sum(quotationline.linecost),0) total, rfqvendor.currencycode "
+ " from rfq inner join rfqline on rfq.rfqnum = rfqline.rfqnum and rfq.siteid = rfqline.siteid "
+ " inner join rfqvendor on rfq.rfqnum = rfqvendor.rfqnum and rfq.siteid = rfqvendor.siteid "
+ " inner join quotationline on rfq.rfqnum = quotationline.rfqnum and rfq.siteid = quotationline.siteid "
+ " and rfqline.rfqlinenum = quotationline.rfqlinenum and rfqvendor.vendor = quotationline.vendor "
+ " where rfq.rfqnum = '" + rows[0]["rfqnum"] + "' "
+ " group by rfqvendor.vendor, rfqvendor.currencycode order by rfqvendor.vendor "