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vote for my RFE!?

From: therron (2018-06-27 20:24)

I'm seeking votes for my RFE. The crux of it is that in Qualifications, if the Certificate Required field = 0 (not required), and you add a new Laborer to that Qual, you can't enter other data like Effective Date and Validated By without first entering a (fake) Certificate #. So enter a fake Certificate #, the other fields become editable, populate them, delete your fake Certificate #, and you're good to go. But having to do the step of entering a fake Certificate # is useless and counter-intuitive.
As an added bonus, if you were doing a renewal for an existing Laborer, you click the Extend/Renew icon to get the dialog popup, and all the fields there are already all editable.
I took it to IBM and the end result was they told me to go the RFE path, so I did. RFE # 121811.
Travis Herron