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Customizing Maximo to bring other application folders in the communication template

From: mahadevan.r (2019-09-30 21:43)

Dear Team,

Has anyone ever implemented the customization in Maximo to bring other folders in the communication template so that we can send attachments using communication templates(Through workflow) to include folders other than the main object to which the communication template is based on.

We have implemented a workflow on the RFQ application to automatically send the attachments like the scope of work,RFQ report to the external world and since the communication template is based on RFQ,the scope of work,diagrams attached in the PR application doesnt get sent with the RFQ.

I have done some customization on the communication template java file and now the PR folders also are seen in the RFQ communication template but even if I check the PR folders,the attachments on the PR is not being sent and I can see that the system throws an error message on line 1108 as there is no relationship like "COMPANIES" for the PR object.

I checked the below table and I am not clear whether to change the default settings on the PRREL or to create a new row in the table.Also,what really is the configuration in the table to include SELF:COMPANIES,I am unable to understand.

Kindly assist me with your guidance.


select * from maxmessages where msggroup='jspsettings'

/*1095*/ SqlFormat sqf = new SqlFormat("ownertable=:1 AND OWNERID=:2 and doctype=:3");
/*1096*/ sqf.setObject(1, "doclinks", "ownertable", objectName);
/*1097*/ sqf.setLong(2, mbo.getUniqueIDValue());
/*1098*/ sqf.setObject(3, "doclinks", "doctype", docType);
/*1099*/ docLinkSet.setWhere(sqf.format());
/*1100*/ if(docLinkSet.count() > 0)
/*1101*/ docLinkSet.copy(relatedDocLinkSet);
} else
/*1105*/ Vector relatedSet = new Vector();
/*1106*/ if(rel.indexOf('.') == -1)
/*1108*/ for(MboSetEnumeration mse = new MboSetEnumeration(mbo.getMboSet(rel)); mse.hasMoreElements(); relatedSet.add(mse.nextMbo()));
} else