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I’m an IBM Maximo thought leader.
Since 2009 I’m helping medium-large clients to successfully implement EAM/ESM solutions.
I’ve been blogging for over a decade, and coding for twice that. I have developed MxLoader and other useful stuff for the Maximo technical community.

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My Work

MaximoDevMy Blog is the result of years of effort in sharing Maximo tips and tricks I have learned on the field. It now has more 250 posts and is the most recognized source of independent information about IBM Maximo.
MxLoaderMxLoader is the de-facto standard tool for Maximo data loading. It brings together the power of the Maximo Integration Framework and the flexibility of Excel allowing to quickly manipulate and import data into any Maximo database.
Maximo Advanced ReportsAdvanced BIRT reports developed for Maximo specialists and system administrators. Maximo health check, security groups overview, system configuration overview, etc.
WiFiEsp Reference Arduino library for the ESP8266 IoT module.
ALA Arduino Light Animation (ALA) is a library for Arduino boards to simplify the development of light animations using LEDs and LED strips.

Latest Posts

  • Maximo data archiving solutions
    OmniEasyDataArchiving+ is a data archiving solution for Maximo delivered by OMNINECS. Supports any Maximo environment: Maximo 7.6 or MAS 8, DB2/Oracle/SqlServer database, on-premise and cloud deployments. Predefined archiving templates to start as fast as possible.
  • Handling workflow from automation script
    If you need to handle workflows (start, stop, route, etc.) from an automation script you can use the following two Maximo API classes: WorkFlowService and WFInstance. Here are few examples. The WorkFlowService.initiateWorkflow metod can be used to start a workflow: … Read more
  • The perfect MAXADMIN start center
    Being efficient in our job should be always a top priority. As Maximo administrators and developers, we are logged many hours on the web interface and navigating around the UI. A properly configured MAXADMIN’s start center is one of the … Read more
  • Accessing UI methods from automation scripts
    In Maximo IBM has greatly improved the service implicit variable to provide a lot of useful methods to interact with the user interface. Two good examples are: For a full reference of the service methods refer to this page. … Read more
  • Useful queries for users monitoring
    Today aI want to share two simple but useful queries to be created in the Users application. The following where clause will list all active user sessions excluding system: I always add a result set on MAXADMIN start center with … Read more
  • Scripting Best Practices for Performance
    This post is a copy of a PDF file published by IBM. I’m republishing it here to make it more accessible. Scripting allows users to extend maximo business logic using Python/JS or for that matter any other JSR 223 compliant … Read more

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