About Me

When I started working on Maximo/TPAE products I was feeling excited about the new challenge but I often loose myself in tons of product documentation. In many cases I have tried to search on the web to solve specific problems and I seldom found answers to my questions. That’s why I decided to create my blog to discuss and share IBM Maximo features, customization and development topics.
If you are working on Maximo/TPAE technology you may find useful to follow me on this channels:

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IBM Maximo

  • MaximoDev Blog – My Blog is the result of years of effort in sharing Maximo tips and tricks I have learned on the field. It now has more 250 posts and is the most recognized source of independent information about IBM Maximo.
  • MxLoader – MxLoader is the de-facto standard tool for Maximo data loading. It brings together the power of the Maximo Integration Framework and the flexibility of Excel allowing to quickly manipulate and import data into any Maximo database.
  • Maximo Advanced Reports – Advanced BIRT reports developed for Maximo specialists and system administrators. Maximo health check, security groups overview, system configuration overview, etc.

Arduino / Raspberry PI / IoT

  • YAAB Blog – My second blog focusing on DIY and IoT projects.
  • WiFiEsp – Arduino library for ESP8266 board.
  • Arduino Light Animation (ALA) – Arduino library to simplify the development of light animations using a wide variety of LEDs and LED strips.

MaximoDev Guidelines

After two year of activity this blog has become very popular among the Maximo/TPAE technical community so I have decided to publish a brief set of guidelines for using this site.

  • Reward my effort: Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn. Retweet or ‘like’ my posts. Leave comments when you use my tutorials in your daily job.
  • Contribute: Blogs are social websites. Use comments to enrich content or suggest improvements.
  • Comments moderation: Comments are not moderated but I will remove those not following these rules.
    • This is not a support forum: Do not post comments that are not strictly related to the content of each post. Use developerWorks Maximo forum to ask for help.
    • Fair links: Do not add links to sites not strictly related to argument of the post. To boost your Google page-rank go somewhere else.
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