Maximo Data Types

Here is the complete list of available data types in TPAE/Maximo. The most used are marked in bold.

  • ALN – Alphanumeric characters, mixed case
  • AMOUNT – Decimal number, used for currency
  • BLOB – Binary large object
  • CLOB – Character large object
  • CRYPTO – Encrypted binary
  • CRYPTOX – Encrypted binary (one-way)
  • DATE – Date only, no time
  • DATETIME – Date and time
  • DECIMAL – Decimal number
  • DURATION – Duration, 1:30 is displayed to mean one and one-half hours
  • FLOAT – Floating number
  • GL – General Ledger account
  • INTEGER – Integer number
  • LONGALN – Long Alphanumeric
  • LOWER – Lowercase characters
  • SMALLINT – Small integer
  • TIME – Time only, no date
  • UPPER – Uppercase characters
  • YORN – Yes or No, the database contains 1 or 0
Maximo Data Types

3 thoughts on “Maximo Data Types

  1. Hi Bruno,
    We are using Oracle as back end. We have created a TIME field in user defined object.
    But, if we query we see the time field as 1/jan/70. Also, issue is that this field is not getting exported while using MIF.
    Please let me know how to sort out the export issue.

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