Let’s celebrate the 100th post!!!

MaximoDev has now reached 100 posts of useful tips, tutorials and small guides to help the Maximo technical community.
After more than 2 years of MaximoDev activity, I have achieved an incredible success becoming the most followed and visited free and ads-free web site about IBM Maximo features, configuration, customization and development topics.
To explain you the success of this blog I will show the historical trend of the website’s monthly page views.

Apart from the short fall during this summertime, the number of monthly contacts has reached an incredible value of 13.000 and is still growing at an incredible pace.

Stay tuned… and don’t forget to give me a

Let’s celebrate the 100th post!!!

2 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate the 100th post!!!

  1. Congrats Sir. It is an incredible feat. I have been following for a year now and its been extremely helpful. Please keep doing the good work. Best Wishes!!!

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