Add a language pack to Maximo

Adding a language pack to Maximo after having installed it can be done by running the installer again. After few dialogs and some checks you will be prompted with a list of languages that can be added to the base language.
Alternatively you can follow the manual procedure described hereafter.

First of all you have to install the language pack using the Process Solution Installer.

  1. On the administrative workstation, launch the Process Solution Installer (PSI): Click Start > Programs > IBM Tivoli base services > Process Solution Installer.
  2. On the Choose PSI Package panel pick the desired language pack in [SMPDIR]\pmp directory. For example, to install italian language pack I have selected D:\IBM\SMP\pmp\ file.
  3. Provide the required middleware credentials and start the installation.

Now you can add the language for use with the product using the TDToolkit. Open a command line and move to [SMPDIR]\maximo\tools\maximo directory. Launch the following command specifying the correct locale you want to install.

TDToolkit.bat -ADDLANGlocale -maxmessfix

You may need to restart the Maximo server.


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Add a language pack to Maximo

One thought on “Add a language pack to Maximo

  1. Hi!, Are you sure??. I had installed MAM 7501 with English base language only. I'd tried steps above to add Spanish as additional language, and when I ran the installer as you say, show error message because it had detected previous installation of MAM. By other hand, I haven't IBM Tivoli base services Process Solution Installer.
    Any suggestions are welcome!!.



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