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Today my fellow colleague Andreas Dietrich has discovered a nice little utility that is shipped with Windows 7 which I think can help you guys in several ways.
The Windows 7 “Problem Step Recorder” can be used for example to document installations or to provide as best practise for ticket documentation.
This little utility (psr.exe) should be available on every Windows 7 installation and can be launched by typing “psr” on the Windows search

When started it appears as a nice little toolbar like this.

After you have finished recording, it saves a zip file containing a MHT file that can be opened with a web browser.
The output contains:

  1. A step by step recording of what you have done and clicked including screenshots.
  2. Additonal comments that you entered while recording

It is not a video but more a step-by-step series of pictures and comments.

Screen recorder

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