MxLoader has been released!

I am proud to announce the release of MxLoader on developerWorks. This is a great tool I have developed to help me in my day-to-day job as a Maximo specialist.

MxLoader is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that allows to quickly and easily query and load data into IBM Maximo, IBM SmartCloud Control Desk (SCCD) and other TPAE based applications. It brings together the power of the Maximo Integration Framework and the flexibility of Excel allowing to quickly manipulate and import data into any Maximo database.

Look at this short video for a quick overview of the tool.

Refer to MxLoader page to download the latest version of the tool. Subscribing to the community you will be able to write on the support forum and be notified when a new version is available.

MxLoader has been released!

29 thoughts on “MxLoader has been released!

  1. Excellent asset, Bruno! It was quick to setup and relatively painless to setup new object structures within the template. The error log on the applicaton server side (integration logger set at DEBUG and writing to its own file) served to be the best method for troubleshooting why a 500 error would occur. I see great things coming out of this tool. It's important to note that calling an object structure like this is really dangerous if an end user were to use this tool improperly!

  2. this is just an awesome tool, the best of loaders i have found with Maximo. We had built something on the similar lane with access. but this one is so flexible.

    In term of allowing the operational user to use it, i will would see if we can define specific template and lock it down so that the operational users are allowed to update only what they are supposed to do.

  3. Hi Bruno, very useful tool !!, congrats…!, i only have a question, i´m trying to upload failurelist codes, already had the failurecodes but i got an error like the connection was wrong, but the query option bring back all the records…., is something else that i should have to consider?

  4. Hi Bruno,

    I have a problem uploading more than 100 records in POLINE. I found out that less than 100 is just fine, but over 100 the tool threw an error like: "Subscript out of range". Please help!

  5. Hi Bruno,

    I tried inserting in workorder table using MxLoader, It works fine for 10 records more than that it throws error

    2014-06-24 18:17:46 [INFO] HTTP status : 500
    2014-06-24 18:17:46 [INFO] HTTP statusText : Internal Server Error
    2014-06-24 18:17:46 [INFO] HTTP responseText: Error 500: nested exception is: psdi.util.MXSystemException: BMXAA4214E – An unknown error has occurred.

    I have more than 60 columns and i am using 3.7 ( latest)
    i though problem could be with my data, then i fetched data using query operation ( 500 rows) changed operation to Sync and again i got same error.


  6. Bruno,

    Is there a classifications template in the works for MxLoader? Getting consistent portable hierarchies to load has always been a challenge. Having this capability available through a tool like MxLoader would be quite valuable.


  7. Hi Bruno,

    How will we load multiple tables ex; location , locationcust, LOCHIERARCHY, looks like it is not supporting multiple object loading?

    Thanks for your help.


  8. Hi, I like mxloader and is very sleek for loading data into maximo. Wondering do you have any solution for linking documents from document library? I can provide all necessary details for the links. Basically the data table doclinks will require update.

  9. Hi Bruno,

    For my current project, we need to edit the macros used in MXLoader. But these macros are password protected and non-editable.

    Please suggest me a way to edit the macros!

    Thank you!

  10. Hi Bruno,

    For the project requirement, I want to rename 'Refresh Data Dictionary' command to something else.

    I tried to modify it by using 'Customize the Ribbon' window. But all the tabs, except MXLoader, are displayed there. Please suggest me a way out!

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Hello Bruno,

    I am from Brazil.

    I am working in a project that uses the IBM Maximo tool to manage incidents and problems at the projects.

    I read that your solution can sync the incidents / problems item into Excel.

    It will be amazing!!!

    But when i try to connect at your solution, i am getting an error "Unauthorized". I have already try to change the Authentication value. Didn't works for me.

    Could you help me or give some suggest?

  12. Hi Bruno

    MxLoader is very helpful in data loading.But I have couple of question for you ….
    1.Other than predefined template which is already there in MxLoader, Can we add some new or customized template in to MxLoader sheet if yes then how can I add new template.

    2.If I edit any field in Predefined template do they come automatically in MxLoader or will it show any change in Mxloader.

  13. 1 – yes you can define your own loading sheets modifying a template or by simply creating new worksheets. The structure of the sheet must be the same and must match an object structure defined on Maximo.
    2. You can modify the templates as long as the field names match exactly the object structure on the server.

    Please take a look at the user guide:

  14. Hello All,
    Any one has any idea about this error.

    Error Code: 2147954402
    Source: msxml6.dll
    Description: The operation timed out
    Cause: Network timeout. Check timeout settings in Config sheet.

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Hi,
    When I use MX Loader for uploading LABOR, I am getting getting error on the LABORCRAFTRATE portion of the upload sheet.
    BMXAA1339E – Cannot proceess an inbound message because the required SKILLLEVEL key value is not provided.
    Am trying to use the MXLABOR object to link labor to craft. I have no values for Skill Level nor Contract # on the LaborCraftRate table.

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