Understanding People, User, Labor, Craft, etc.

Maximo has several interrelated objects People, Person Group, Users, Labor, Craft, Qualifications, etc. Sometimes is difficult to understand the real differences between them. In this post I will provide a quick overview of these concepts. For more details you can refer to this excellent Maximo Secrets application Map.


A person record contains basic information about an individual: name, address, email, phone, and other generic information. Persons are tied to Calendar and can have planned absences.


A labor record is someone who is assigned and performs work. Labor records contain information about an individual’s skills and qualifications. Labor report work order’s actuals.


A user is someone who needs to log in to Maximo. Userids have passwords. Userids are tied to Security Groups which have application privileges.


A craft represents a type of skill or trade that is assigned to work. A craft may have multiple skill levels, for example first class, second class or apprentice. Hourly pay rates can be defined for crafts and craft- skill levels. A Labor can have one or more craft or craft-skill level. Crafts can be used by planners to match Work Order required skills with available labor crafts (see Scheduler).


Qualifications are acquired by a person and associated with their labor record.

Crew / Crew Types

Crew Types is a template for Crews. A crew is a group of labor that are assigned work and travel together to perform that work. A crew type is the required craft-skills, qualifications and tools that will need to be fulfilled by the members of a crew.

Understanding People, User, Labor, Craft, etc.

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