MxLoader NextGen Beta available now!

I’m proud to announce the availability of the beta version of MxLoader based on the new IBM Maximo NextGen APIs. This is a major step to ensure a future-proof tool with better security, performance and reliability. I had to completely rewrite the Excel VBA code to support the new APIs and improve overall performances.

The advantages of the new version are:

  • Improved performance
  • File download/upload capabilities
  • Detailed results dialog
  • Individual response codes for bulk updates

There are some important changes due to the new APIs:

  • Supports Maximo releases starting with version
  • The connection url is no longer http://[MXSERVER]/meaweb/os/ but http://[MXSERVER]/maximo/
  • Available actions are now: Query, AddChange, Delete
  • The where clause syntax for Query action is no longer SQL. Refer to official documentation.
  • For AddChange and Delete actions, each synced object will report the result in a reserved column [RESULT]
  • Child objects can now be accessed through database relationship without customizing integration Object Structures
  • MxLoader is still free but requires a registration key to unlock all the features

Please leave any comment or feedback in the post comments or in the MxLoader NextGen Beta forum.

MxLoader NextGen Beta available now!

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