MxLoader NextGen Beta available now!

I’m proud to announce the availability of the beta version of MxLoader based on the new IBM Maximo NextGen APIs. This is a major step to ensure a future-proof tool with better security, performance and reliability. I had to completely rewrite the Excel VBA code to support the new APIs and improve overall performances.

The advantages of the new version are:

  • Improved performance
  • File download/upload capabilities
  • Detailed results dialog
  • Individual response codes for bulk updates

There are some important changes due to the new APIs:

  • Supports Maximo releases starting with version
  • The connection url is no longer http://[MXSERVER]/meaweb/os/ but http://[MXSERVER]/
  • Available actions are now: Query, AddChange, Delete
  • The where clause syntax for Query action is no longer SQL. Refer to official documentation.
  • For AddChange and Delete actions, each synced object will report the result in a reserved column [RESULT]
  • Child objects can now be accessed through database relationship without customizing integration Object Structures
  • MxLoader is still free but requires a registration key to unlock all the features

Please leave any comment or feedback in the post comments or in the MxLoader NextGen Beta forum.

MxLoader NextGen Beta available now!

5 thoughts on “MxLoader NextGen Beta available now!

  1. WOW.. I love it.. Great work…..

    When you say
    “Child objects can now be accessed through database relationship without customizing integration Object Structures”

    Is this referring to in the WHERE clause we can now reference child objects with conditions!!!!!!!!! If so this is AWESOME!!!!!!


  2. getting an error Internal Server Error
    Error 500: java.lang.NullPointerException
    Check that Configuration Object Structure is defined
    what would be issue while doing test connection getting this erro r, Any advice or solution please

  3. Hi Bruno,

    I’m getting an error when testing connection.
    “No credentials were available in the client certificate.”

    What could be the issue. Can you please help.


  4. Hi Bruno,
    In Mxloader, there are few scenarios where a (YES/NO) message is raised while trying to create a PM record.
    In such cases, how can we suppress or handle the warning message to do our data load?

    Because, right now the data load stops with this warning message.


  5. Great Work performance is good. Working fine on Http But its not connecting on my Https-secured IP. Can anyone help?

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