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In the old days there was no blog on the internet and there was no IBM community to discuss Maximo technical and functional topics. All these LinkedIn communities and webinars were not available to learn and share.

Few heroes were trying to learn from each other on a closed and moderated Yahoo forum. Yahoo decided to shutdown their Groups social platform in 2020 so all the content is not available anymore. Luckily enough, the community owner Christopher Wanko sent me a backup of the community content asking me to make it publicly available.

After tying few free conversion tools I decided to develop a custom processing script in python to convert the MBOX files to html files. I’m still not satisfied with the look and feel of the web pages but I think it is a good idea to publish it so anybody can benefit from it.

The content will be indexed by Google soon so it should be easily accessible. Adding ‘Maximo list archive’ to your search should target the search to this content.

Be aware that many messages are quite old and are related to legacy versions of Maximo (4, 5 and 6) but I know many clients are still running those old versions.

Last but not least here is the link to the Maximo List Archive.

Maximo List Archive

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  1. This is fantastic! Thanks for all your effort. Do you, by any chance, have a dump of the developerworks content as well? Last year when developerworks was about to go offline, ibm assured that all of the content would be migrated to their new platform. Unfortunately, I cant find even a single article on the new ibm developer platform. Either I am looking at the wrong place or its just all gone.

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