Maximo supported web browsers

What web browsers can be used to access Maximo?
Roughly speaking, Maximo supports only Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Said that… I currently use Google Chrome with Maximo. Pages load faster and it works perfectly 99% of the times (except for reports).
The following table gives a quick overview of the current supported web browser versions.

Base Services version 6.2 6.2.5 7.1 7.5
Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9
Mozilla Firefox 3.0
Mozilla Firefox 3.5
Mozilla Firefox 3.6
Mozilla Firefox 4
Mozilla Firefox 10
Google Chrome

Thus we can draw the following considerations:

  • Internet Explorer 7 is currently supported by ALL versions of Maximo.
  • Firefox has a less extensive support but it generally performs better than IE.
  • Google Chrome is currently the most used web browser but it is still not supported by IBM 🙁

Maximo supported web browsers

19 thoughts on “Maximo supported web browsers

  1. Strange, I actually have never had an issue using Google Chrome with Maximo, so much so that I would have thought it was supported. Thanks for this nice visual guide!

  2. Today, my version of Chrome was auto-updated to v25 and now Maximo list screens are not rendering correctly. Reverting back to v24 is not simple, nor is turning off auto-update for Chrome. So in addition to reports, screen rendering is broken. No easy solution for now…

  3. I just encountered the same stretching issue with Chrome v25. Not sure if it's a Chrome problem (doubtful) or an IBM problem with deprecated CSS, Java, or the like.

  4. Has anyone seen an issue where the primary links on the startcenter are duplicated. When you log in for the first time various links on the startcenter such as favorite applications, GoTo, StartCenter, are duplicated on the screen right next to each other. When you refresh the browser the screen returns to normal. We're on Maximo 7.1 with Firefox 10. I see now it's not supported but wasn't sure if anyone has seen this oddity before.

  5. I think this only applies to Maximo 7.1. You are talking about the Maximo screen too wide? In Maximo 7.5 renders fine for me using the latest versions of Chrome, even Beta (at Chrome version 30 now).

  6. Help. I can't attach files using any web browser. I was using Firefox (not sure which version) it worked perfectly until I upgraded to 24. I have am using Windows 7 and I have been told that IE8 and 9 are not supported and can not be installed on Win7. Chrome does not work for this part. I have looked for the firefox versions mentioned but they were released in 2011 and are a security risk if you use them. Windows 7 has been out since 2009 why have IBM not sorted this by now?

  7. Hi, please help.
    When I am using maximo (6.2.5 version) in japanese version, most of the applications are not responding properly. Using japanese is a must. I am using it in Windows 7.
    Please give me some suggestion so that I can work properly.

  8. Maximo with IE11 in Edge looks fine, but some functions (e.g. longdescription field) doesn't work.

    For IE11 we activated the meta tag "x-ua-compatible". Maximo application will then switch IE in IE5 mode (aka Quirks) according the "sniff.js".

    You can do this on your HTTP server (httpd.conf) or in the application deployment (page.jsp). See also here and here: and

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