Java MBO performance optimization golden rules

This entry is part of the Maximo Java Development series.

In this post I have collected the most important Maximo Business Objects (MBO) development performance tips and suggestions that I have learned during my job as a Maximo Consultant.
These suggestions are partly distilled from the IBM Maximo wiki page trying to organize and simplify the information contained in it. I have also added few new tips based on my professional experience.

Here are the 8 Java Maximo Business Objects (MBO) performance optimization golden rules:

  1. Avoid using MboSet.count() method in loops
  2. Use discardable MBOs when possible
  3. Be light in MBO initialization methods
  4. Be careful when calling
  5. Avoid using setQBE method
  6. Free resources as soon as possible
  7. Use efficient SQL
  8. Access the database via JDBC when performance is critical

Java MBO performance optimization golden rules

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