Sending SMS from Maximo calling an external Web service

In my last project I had to implement a customization to send SMS messages using Skebby. The service APIs are obviously based on REST and JSON so I ended up writing an automation script to integrate Maximo with the Skebby service.In the process of writing the code I have faced (and solved) some interesting issues […]

Avoiding Java classes conflicts using a_customer.xml file

Consider this scenario (which I came across). You have extended out of the box MBO class with your own class to implement you own business logic for work orders. After a while you install the Maximo Scheduler extension and you soon discover that all your custom logic has gone because the WORKORDER object […]

Implementing a Smart Search feature

Using Maximo search functionality can be sometimes complex or even frustrating.Several customers have asked me if there is a simple Google-like functionality to search for all the objects that contains a specific set of words.This article describes how to implement such feature in the Work Order Tracking application. The solution described in this tutorial allows […]

MBOs attribute current, previous, initial values

When implementing business logic in Java code it may be useful to compare the value of an attribute to it’s previous or initial value.This is particularly useful when overriding MboValueAdapter.action() method to validate the new value of an attribute as soon as it changes. Look at how the three values are retrieved in the following […]

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