Avoiding Java classes conflicts using a_customer.xml file

Consider this scenario (which I came across). You have extended out of the box MBO class with your own class to implement you own business logic for work orders. After a while you install the Maximo Scheduler extension and you soon discover that all your custom logic has gone because the WORKORDER object […]

Automatically rotate and clean HTTP Server log files

By default IBM HTTP Server log files always grow. This may be a problem especially on production servers where there is a large amount of HTTP requests that can quickly generate a very big access.log file. This file cannot be deleted without stopping the HTTP Server and can be practically impossible to open with a […]

Multiple Maximo 7.1 installations on the same administrative workstation

As you may already know IBM Maximo 7.1 does not fully support the installation of multiple environments on a single Administrative Workstation. This is partially true since IBM has developed a procedure based on the use of non-administrative system users (see TechNote 21421640). However, I find this as an overly complex technique so I have […]

Windows Server firewall rules for Maximo/SCCD installation

Windows 2008 Server default firewall rules are very restrictive. When installing Maximo or SmartCloud Control Desk on a remote WebSphere installed on a Windows 2008/20012 Server system you may hit some connectivity errors between the Maximo Administrative Workstation and the application server. I have found out you have to open the following ports/protocols: Ping: this […]

System requirements for IBM Maximo and SmartCloud Control Desk

Sometimes is a bit hard to find an exact list of system requirements and prerequisites for IBM Maximo and SmartCloud Control Desk (SCCD) products. If you want to know what are the supported operating systems and middleware versions here are the most important sources of information: IBM SmartCloud Control Desk system requirements IBM Maximo system […]

Automatically start Maximo or SCCD server

To automatically start Maximo or SmartCloud Control Desk (SCCD) when the hosting server starts you need to configure the WebSphere Node Agent to start automatically start at server boot. Automatically start WebSphere Node Agent This can be achieved on Windows setting up the WebSphere Node Agent as a Windows service using the WASService command located […]

Checkpoints for fixpack and addon installation

Many customers I work with use a procedure like this one to clone Maximo environments between production, test and development environments. When you use such techniques, you may quickly screw up some settings used during installation of Maximo fixpacks and upgrades.Here are some important things to check before installing any release, fixpack or add-on. Maximo […]

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