MxLoader now supports attachments

I have just implemented the capability to upload attachments straight from MxLoader. This is in response to some requests on my blog and MxLoader support forum. Starting from Maximo it is possible to import attachments to an object through MIF using Base64 encoding.MxLoader has the capability to read files from the filesystem, encode them […]

Extract attachments (DOCLINKS)

This post explains how to extract a set of attachments from the server. First of all you have to find the root folder where the attachments are stored. This can be found in mxe.doclink.doctypes.defpath system property (System Configuration – Platform Configuration – System Properties). Unfortunately, from the file names you cannot understand to which records […]

Attachments (DOCLINKS) Configuration

This procedure describes how to set up attached documents in Maximo 7.1 and above with IBM WebSphere Application Server. In this procedure I will use [IHSDIR] and [DOCLINKSDIR] tags to identify IBM HTTP Server and attachments home directory respectively. Replace those tags according to your environment. Here are the default values. Windows [IHSDIR] – C:\Program Files\IBM\HTTPServer […]

How to improve DocLinks performances in Maximo/TPAE applications

During a performance assessment of a production customer environment I have set the mxe.db.logSQLTimeLimit system property to 2000 to log all long-running SQL statements (see this TechNote for details). Looking at the system logs I have noticed many entries like this. select * from doclinks where (ownertable=’WORKORDER’ and ownerid=1065680) or (ownertable=’WORKORDER’ and ownerid in (select […]

How to fix Office 2007 attachments downloaded as zip files

Few times I have found a small but annoying issue on Maximo when attaching Office 2007 files. Do you know those Excel, Word, PowerPoint files with xlsx, docx, pptx extensions? Yes, those! If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer it may happen that these files can be uploaded successfully into your DOCLINKS folder but when you try […]

How to enable doclinks in a custom Maximo application

Here is an example of how to add the attachment capability to the organizations (MULTISITE) application.Add the ‘attachment’ control to the MULTISITE application using the Application Designer. Then add the DOCLINKS relationship to the ORGANIZATIONS object as shown in the following picture. Please check the ‘Where Clause’ statement and modify it to match your application. […]

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