Attachments (DOCLINKS) Configuration

This procedure describes how to set up attached documents in Maximo 7.1 and above with IBM WebSphere Application Server. In this procedure I will use [IHSDIR] and [DOCLINKSDIR] tags to identify IBM HTTP Server and attachments home directory respectively. Replace those tags according to your environment. Here are the default values. Windows [IHSDIR] – C:\Program Files\IBM\HTTPServer […]

Automatically rotate and clean HTTP Server log files

By default IBM HTTP Server log files always grow. This may be a problem especially on production servers where there is a large amount of HTTP requests that can quickly generate a very big access.log file. This file cannot be deleted without stopping the HTTP Server and can be practically impossible to open with a […]

Securing Maximo with SSL/HTTPS

Maximo installation configures by default HTTP unencrypted communication. This basic configuration may represent a security exposure especially when the server is reachable from the public internet. This article describes all the steps needed to enable HTTPS (SSL) communications for Maximo. It comprises the following main steps. Creation of a self-signed certificate IBM HTTP Server configuration […]

Sync data between Maximo and Excel

This article is outdated! Checkout MxLoader tool. This is the last step toward a complete integration between Maximo and Excel. In the previous article we have learned how to use Integration Object Service and HTTP calls from Excel to populate a spreadsheet with data retrieved from a Maximo server.In this new article I will show […]

How to fix Office 2007 attachments downloaded as zip files

Few times I have found a small but annoying issue on Maximo when attaching Office 2007 files. Do you know those Excel, Word, PowerPoint files with xlsx, docx, pptx extensions? Yes, those! If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer it may happen that these files can be uploaded successfully into your DOCLINKS folder but when you try […]

Interacting with an Object Structure Service through HTTP

This entry is part of the Maximo Integration Framework series. In this tutorial I will show how easy it is to query and update data in Maximo using the Integration Framework (MIF) Object Structure Services using a simple HTTP client. HTTP test client setupA great tool for creating sample test HTTP requests is a great […]

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