Multiple Maximo 7.1 installations on the same administrative workstation

As you may already know IBM Maximo 7.1 does not fully support the installation of multiple environments on a single Administrative Workstation. This is partially true since IBM has developed a procedure based on the use of non-administrative system users (see TechNote 21421640). However, I find this as an overly complex technique so I have […]

Automatically refresh Maximo Start Center

Users that heavily rely on StartCenters to check for incoming tickets or work orders sometimes ask if the StartCenter can automatically refresh itself. To accomplish this you can inject a small JavaScript into the StartCenter JSP code.Backup the following file and open it with a text editor: [SMPDIR]\maximo\applications\maximo\maximouiweb\webmodule\webclient\components\startcenter-options.jsp Search for a row like this <table […]

How to improve DocLinks performances in Maximo/TPAE applications

During a performance assessment of a production customer environment I have set the mxe.db.logSQLTimeLimit system property to 2000 to log all long-running SQL statements (see this TechNote for details). Looking at the system logs I have noticed many entries like this. select * from doclinks where (ownertable=’WORKORDER’ and ownerid=1065680) or (ownertable=’WORKORDER’ and ownerid in (select […]

How to fix Office 2007 attachments downloaded as zip files

Few times I have found a small but annoying issue on Maximo when attaching Office 2007 files. Do you know those Excel, Word, PowerPoint files with xlsx, docx, pptx extensions? Yes, those! If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer it may happen that these files can be uploaded successfully into your DOCLINKS folder but when you try […]

Enable pinch-to-zoom on Maximo Everyplace 7.1

Everyplace 7.5 and above provides pinch-to-zoom functionality. If you need nice feature on lower versions and you cannot upgrade there is a small trick to fix this problem.You only need to manually edit maximouiweb.war\webclient\components\page.jsp file and remove the following piece of code rebuild the EAR file and redeploy it. maximum-scale=1.000; minimum-scale=1.000″ Be aware that changes to […]

Rapid Java class deployment on WebSphere

This entry is part of the Maximo Java Development series. In this post I will describe how to minimize the time needed to redeploy the custom Java code in Maximo running on WebSphere during the development phase. Note: The techniques explained in this article (except the first one) are recommended only for development environments. Here […]

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