How to delete a Maximo application

Maximo does not allow to delete applications from the Application Designer. However, there is a trick well hidden in the Application Developer Guide to accomplish this task using a SQL client. Note that only user defined application should be deleted. Out-of-the-box applications can be hidden using the standard Maximo security mechanism. It is better to […]

Set an attribute as required with no default value

This post describes how to set an object attribute as mandatory without providing a default value. This is to circumvent what it seems to be a TPAE limitation that prevents to do this from the standard Database Configuration application.Lets make an example. The out-of-the-box attribute PO.VENDOR (Purchase Order – Vendor) is not mandatory. Unfortunately if […]

Automatically display table results when application is displayed

Sometimes you may develop a custom Maximo application that shows a list of entries in a table. If the application is used frequently and the result set to show is not huge, it could be useful to automatically display the table content without the need to hit enter or click on the search icon.Here is […]

How to enable doclinks in a custom Maximo application

Here is an example of how to add the attachment capability to the organizations (MULTISITE) application.Add the ‘attachment’ control to the MULTISITE application using the Application Designer. Then add the DOCLINKS relationship to the ORGANIZATIONS object as shown in the following picture. Please check the ‘Where Clause’ statement and modify it to match your application. […]

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