Automatic login to Maximo UI

As a Maximo consultant I spend many hours on test and development systems developing customizations and testing business processes. This means I frequently login on Maximo Web UI with several users and passwords.
I typically store the passwords in my web browser to speedup the annoying step but today I have found a better trick to directly jump into a Maximo application skipping the login page. This can be done providing the username and password in the URL used to connect to the web UI. Lets make some examples.

  • Connect to the Start Center as wilson
  • Connect to the Work Order Tracking application as wilson

Just replace the tags in the previous URLs with your hostname, application, username and password.

There is only one drawback with this solution… security. Your admin password will be stored in plain text in your browser’s bookmarks and will remain visible in the address bar throughout the session.
See Maximo URLs for more Maximo http shortcuts.

Automatic login to Maximo UI

11 thoughts on “Automatic login to Maximo UI

  1. Hi Bruno, great post!!
    But it's not working on my system. I'm always just redirected to the login page.
    Maximo is configured to use https only. Could this be the problem?
    Any other ideas?
    There is no error message in SystemOut.log

  2. Hi Bruno,

    I'm running on Base at the moment and will upgrade to in the next weeks.

  3. Hello,
    Is there a way to redirect to a custom login page, and use it for authentication?
    The web.xml has the following entry

    If I change to point to a custom login page, will I be able to login?

    Sasi Venugopal

  4. the information that is sent over http is not encrypted. Also the whole URL is available from the Apache server / IBM Https Server access logs. I would suggest use this in your local test environment and in an environment where you don't mind sharing your maximo password with others.

  5. I know this post is old now, but this would be extremely useful for automating some tasks at my worksite between Maximo and some third-party apps including Excel. When trying to run the autologin URL, I am only getting the Maximo log-in screen with blank fields for username and password. Has this ability been blocked since this post?

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