How to migrate Maximo Administrative Workstation

This article explains a procedure that can be used to migrate the Maximo 7.1 Administrative Workstation from one physical system to another.

Installation of products based on Maximo/TPAE infractructure (MAM, TAMIT, CCMDB, etc.), industry specific extension (Nuclear, Transportation, etc.) or fixpacks use the IBM Autonomic Deployment Engine. This is installed at the beginning of the installation of any Maximo product and is a core part of the Maximo Administrative Workstation component.

The official procedure to migrate the Administrative Workstation requires that target system must host the same operating system and major version as the original administrative system. I haven’t tested this procedure but it seems to lack some important steps.

In my opinion a better approach is the following:

  1. Start any Maximo installer on the new server than install ADE and stop before performing the installation. Check under C:\Program Files\ibm\common\acsi to see when ADE is deployed.
  2. Check the version of ADE against the existing installation.
    1. From command prompt change to C:\Program Files\ibm\common\acsi directory.
    2. Run setenv command.
    3. Run de_version to check ADEs version.
  3. Copy the SMP folder (typically C:\IBM\SMP) to the new server.
  4. Run de_backupdb on the old server.
  5. Copy the backup file to the new server.
  6. Run a de_restoredb on the new server.
  7. Update the configuration of the new server setting the new hostname with de_chghostname command.

ADEs documentation links:

NOTE: This is non an official IBM technote. Use at your own risk.

How to migrate Maximo Administrative Workstation

2 thoughts on “How to migrate Maximo Administrative Workstation

  1. Hi Bruno. The official version is for Maximo 7.5, which stores a CTG_DE inside of every SMP directory rather than the C:\Program Files\ibm\common\acsi\.Since you would have been installing a new DE on a 7.1 migration target, the backup and restore are necessary. This is not the case with 7.5.

    Of course, with 7.6, we no longer have the Autonomic Deployment Engine.

  2. Hi Bruno, What about if you would like to move it to another platform. in our case we are moving installations from zLinux(SUSE) to intelLinux(RedHat)

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