List Maximo customizations

In this little post I will share few database queries to list the customizations made to your Maximo environment. It also applies to other TPAE based products. Security restrictions SELECT * FROM securityrestrictORDER BY objectname, attributename; Custom objects and attributes SELECT * FROM maxobjectWHERE userdefined=1ORDER by objectname;SELECT * FROM maxattributeWHERE userdefined=1ORDER by objectname, attributename; Custom […]

Find all custom triggers on Maximo tables

Before Maximo 6 it was a common practice to implement customizations using database triggers. Although Conditional Expressions, SigOptions, Java coding and scripting are now available in Maximo 7, I still see many Maximo environments with a lot of database triggers.In a recent project I have found a Maximo system with more than 30 triggers and […]

Listing existing Maximo/TPAE customizations

During my job assignments it often happens that I’m sent to a customer that already has Maximo in production with some customizations in place. One of the problems in such cases is to quickly get an overall picture of how many customizations have been made and what have been customized.One approach that I have found […]

How to create a custom message and display it in a Maximo application

This entry is part of the Maximo Java Development series. A typical need during Maximo application customization is the ability to display a message on the GUI. The first step is to define the custom message. Open the Database Configuration application and select Messages for the Action menu. Create a new entry filling the required […]

How to enable doclinks in a custom Maximo application

Here is an example of how to add the attachment capability to the organizations (MULTISITE) application. Add the ‘attachment’ control to the MULTISITE application using the Application Designer. Then add the DOCLINKS relationship to the ORGANIZATIONS object as shown in the following picture. Please check the ‘Where Clause’ statement and modify it to match your […]

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