Learn how to query data with SQL

Many times Maximo users and administrator lacks database skills. These are important in several situations: Write ‘where clause’ statements to filter data in Maximo UI. Develop complex SELECT statements to extract data from multiple tables when developing report. Optimize existing queries to solve performance issues. If you need to improve your SQL skills I suggest […]

Analyze groups to users association

The following SQL query lists all the security groups and the associated users. SELECT maxgroup.groupname, maxgroup.description, maxuser.userid, maxuser.loginid, maxuser.defsiteFROM maxgroupJOIN groupuser ON groupuser.groupname=maxgroup.groupnameJOIN maxuser ON maxuser.userid=groupuser.useridORDER BY maxgroup.groupname, maxuser.userid; The best approach to analyze the results is to load them into Excel and create a pivot table.

How to rename objects

You have probably noticed that once you have saved an object you are not allowed to change it’s ID. This is basically because each object stored on the database needs an immutable unique identifier that can be used to reference that object from other tables. Maximo prevents updating such identifiers to avoid loosing links between […]

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