Learn how to query data with SQL

Many times Maximo users and administrator lacks database skills. These are important in several situations:

  • Write ‘where clause’ statements to filter data in Maximo UI.
  • Develop complex SELECT statements to extract data from multiple tables when developing report.
  • Optimize existing queries to solve performance issues.

If you need to improve your SQL skills I suggest you to read few chapters of the SQL Getting Started guide of IBM DB2. This is not just for DB2, SQL syntax is quite similar across different database types.

The important chapters to read are:

  • Chapter 4. Using SQL Statements to Access Data
  • Chapter 6. Using Operators and Predicates in Queries
  • Chapter 7. Advanced SQL (Joins paragraph)

Does anybody have other good SQL tutorials to share?

Learn how to query data with SQL

4 thoughts on “Learn how to query data with SQL

  1. Is it possible to use SQL UDF (user-defined functions such as table-valued functions) in WHERE clauses for Maximo? I'd like to use a table-valued function to return a list of statuses so that we can edit the function in one place to update all queries at once when changes are made.

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