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One of the first thing I always say to the new hires that are going to learn Maximo is how much important is to have a good knowledge of SQL language. It is really important to build application queries, Birt reports, database relationships, complex table domains, conditional expressions and many other Maximo configurations.

The important thing to understand is that SQL is more declarative than procedural like C or Java so it may require a mind shift for common developers. It is hard to explain in a short post like how to develop a good SQL query but well written SQL code can solve many Maximo performances issues.

Here is a good SQL tutorial that you can download. It is for IBM DB2 but it is 95% valid for any RDBMS and it is really well written and concise.

SQL skills

2 thoughts on “SQL skills

  1. 100% agree.

    I had some related thoughts in a recent conversation:

    Maximo practitioners often have really bad habits when it comes to SQL. People tend to write a lot of subqueries, which is sometimes necessary in Maximo, sure, but it isn’t a good practice and should be avoided whenever possible. If I showed a skilled SQL developer the nested subquery messes I see in Maximo, they’d be horrified.

    Joins, group by, and full-blown SELECT queries/views are preferred. Subqueries can be hard to read and often perform badly.

    Maximo people also need to learn how to use ‘explain plans’. And learn how to properly use indexes.

    I think a lot of Maximo practitioners would have benefited from thoroughly learning SQL…before developing complicated software/customizations. People seem to have it backwards.
    – Solving problems with OOB functionality should be plan A.
    – SQL should be plan B.
    – Customizing with code should be plan C.

  2. Thanks for sharing the same!! It was great help!

    I am in new and learning. I need small help. Would be able to share any templates to capture functional and technical details of any Maximo related requirements. I received requirements from business and need to write functional spec with some technical changes.


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