MBO Performance Tip N.5 – Avoid using setQbe method, use setWhere instead

This entry is part of the Java MBO performance optimization golden rules series. The MboSet.setQbe() method is designed to be used to build filters from the user interface. Using the MboSet.setQbe() method will automatically add jolly characters in text searches preventing the database server to be able to use indexes.For example let’s look at the […]

Analyze BIRT report performances and execution time

Some days ago I came across this interesting post from Pam Denny that describes the 80/20 rule. Based on this empirical rule 80% of the report processing is done by only 20% of used reports.That’s why I developed a simple SQL query that uses the LASTRUNDURATION field of the REPORT table to list the report […]

Troubleshooting Birt report performances

Sometimes I had the hard task to debug performance issues of specific Maximo reports. The main thing to understand here is that 95% of the times the problem is related to a long execution time of the underlying SQL query .What I typically do is the following: Look at the ‘Performance’ tab of the Report […]

Listing existing Maximo/TPAE customizations

During my job assignments it often happens that I’m sent to a customer that already has Maximo in production with some customizations in place. One of the problems in such cases is to quickly get an overall picture of how many customizations have been made and what have been customized.One approach that I have found […]

Query groups application security

The standard Maximo ‘Security Groups’ application provides an easy way to view and modify users access to applications. However it is not always easy to have an overview of what groups are granted to access a specific application or what applications can be accessed by a specific group.With the following SQL query you can get […]

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