Query users and groups security

Did you have ever spent precious time searching in the Group Security application what group grants a specific permission to a certain user?
Do you want to list all the sigoption granted to a specific user?
Do you want to list all the groups to which a specific user belongs together with all the granted sigoptions?
Do you want to know who has access to a specific application or sigoption?
Here is a SQL query that may help you. It joins several tables and allows to answer all the previous questions… and many more.

sigoption.description sigoptiondesc
FROM groupuser
JOIN maxgroup ON maxgroup.groupname=groupuser.groupname
JOIN applicationauth ON applicationauth.groupname=maxgroup.groupname
JOIN sigoption ON sigoption.optionname=applicationauth.optionname AND sigoption.app=applicationauth.app
WHERE sigoption.app='YOURAPP' AND sigoption.description='YOURSIGOPTION' AND groupuser.userid='YOURUSER'
ORDER BY groupuser.userid;

By changing the where and the order by clauses you can analyze your user’s and group security settings.

Query users and groups security

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  1. Hello, can you tell me how to query to get all the member of the persongroup ?

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