Security groups and application authorizations

We all know how flexible Security Groups are when dealing with user roles and granting application authorizations. However, flexibility often brings complexity.You have carefully designed user’s roles defining what applications and actions they are allowed to access in Maximo and implemented all using Security Groups application. The system goes live and after one or two […]

Securing Maximo with SSL/HTTPS

Maximo installation configures by default HTTP unencrypted communication. This basic configuration may represent a security exposure especially when the server is reachable from the public internet. This article describes all the steps needed to enable HTTPS (SSL) communications for Maximo. It comprises the following main steps. Creation of a self-signed certificate IBM HTTP Server configuration […]

Analyze groups to users association

The following SQL query lists all the security groups and the associated users. SELECT maxgroup.groupname, maxgroup.description, maxuser.userid, maxuser.loginid, maxuser.defsiteFROM maxgroupJOIN groupuser ON groupuser.groupname=maxgroup.groupnameJOIN maxuser ON maxuser.userid=groupuser.useridORDER BY maxgroup.groupname, maxuser.userid; The best approach to analyze the results is to load them into Excel and create a pivot table.

Grant access to an action menu or toolbar button conditionally

This entry is part of the Conditional Expressions HowTo. In Maximo/TPAE menu items are granted per security group in the Security Groups application. Every option available for an application has a corresponding signature option (aka sigoption) record in the SIGOPTION table. Those SigOptions can be configured in the Application Designer. In this article I will […]

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