conditional expression

How to restrict allowed status changes for workorders

Maximo has a predefined set of statuses for work orders that are defined in the WOSTATUS synonym domain. The values and their meaning are well documented in the official documentation. Unfortunately the allowed state transitions are hardcoded in the class and cannot be easily changed since they are defined as private arrays. Here is a brief […]

Custom condition Java class

Sometimes standard Conditional Expressions are not enough. Sometimes the logic to implement is too complex to be implemented using an SQL expression. In such cases Maximo allows to implement the condition logic in a custom condition class using Java. To implement a condition class you must extend psdi.common.condition.CustomCondition and override evaluateCondition and toWhereClause methods. Here is a […]

Variables for Dynamic Queries in Conditional Expressions

Conditional Expressions can be used in TPAE applications in several ways. One powerful feature of Conditional Expressions is the capability of creating dynamic queries using substitution variables. Here is the complete list of variables available in Maximo. :YES – True :NO – False :&DATE& – Current date :&DATETIME& – Current date/time :&USER& – Logged in user (or […]

Grant access to an action menu or toolbar button conditionally

This entry is part of the Conditional Expressions HowTo. In Maximo/TPAE menu items are granted per security group in the Security Groups application. Every option available for an application has a corresponding signature option (aka sigoption) record in the SIGOPTION table. Those SigOptions can be configured in the Application Designer. In this article I will […]

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