How to make a attribute required using Data Restrictions

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In this post I will show how to make required the remarks field of the MATRECTRANS object for returned items. This is just an example and the same configuration can be used to make a field mandatory based on a particular condition.
A similar post describes how to achieve the same functionality using Conditional UI.

Define conditional expression
Open Administration – Conditional Expression Manager application. Create the following conditional expression.

Find attribute details
Open the Receiving application in the Purchasing module and open an order with a material receipt. Locate the Remarks field.

Configure the Attribute Restriction

Go to Security Groups application. Open the EVERYONE group (or any other group your user belong to) and go to the Data Restrictions tab. Under Attribute Restrictions create the following entry:

  • Attribute: REMARK
  • Type: REQUIRED
  • Condition: MATRETURN

Now open the Receipts application you will see that the remarks field is now required when returning an item.

If this procedure is not working please check that all the ‘independent groups’ to which your test user is assigned have the same restriction.

How to make a attribute required using Data Restrictions

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