How to correctly handle synonym domains in automation script

We all know that Maximo allows the definition of new internal values for synonym domains. A common example is the LOCTYPE domain that defines the allowed values for the LOCATIONS.TYPE field.If we want to implement a special business logic for the OPERATING type of locations we can write something like this in our automation script. loctype […]

How to restrict allowed status changes for workorders

Maximo has a predefined set of statuses for work orders that are defined in the WOSTATUS synonym domain. The values and their meaning are well documented in the official documentation. Unfortunately the allowed state transitions are hardcoded in the class and cannot be easily changed since they are defined as private arrays. Here is a brief […]

All about Maximo domains and lookups

A useful set of articles and tutorials from IBM about domain, crossover domain, lookup, value list. Adding a valuelist (ALN Domain) in MaximoAdding Lookup Functionality to a Field in MaximoSetting Up Crossover Functionality in MaximoFiltering an out of the box lookup in MaximoTroubleshooting Crossover DomainsSetting Up A Conditional DomainAssociating Lookups in Maximo using the MAXLOOKUPMAP […]

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