How to display a domain description in an application

Some fields in Maximo are linked to a domain that allows to set its value from a predefined set of values. In some cases however, when the value does not provide enough information, you may wish to also display the description of the domain value that you have chosen.

For example lets consider the STATUS field of the WORKORDER object.
By default Maximo will not show the description associated to the work order status.

Here is how to display the work order status description in the Work Order Tracking application.

Create a relationship to the domain table

Identify the domain name. Open Database Configuration application and look at what domain is set for the specific attribute you are looking for.
For the WORKORDER.STATUS attribute the domain is WOSTATUS.
Now open the WOSTATUS domain and take note of where the description is stored (press Alt+F1).

Now you must define a relationship from the WORKORDER table to the WOSTATUS domain. In our example it is located in SYNONYMDOMAIN table. In other situation the domain table can be ALNDOMAIN or NUMERICDOMAIN.
Open Database Configuration application and define the following relationship for the WORKORDER object:

  • Relationship: WOSTATUSDESC
  • Child Object: SYNONYMDOMAIN 
  • Where Clause: value=:STATUS and domainid=’WOSTATUS’

Save and apply configuration changes if needed.

Display the description in the application

Now you must use Application Designer to add a new multipart textbox to your screen to display the domain description close to the field value.

In our example, open the WOTRACK application add a new ‘Multipart Textbox’ close to the ‘Status’ field. Set the following properties:

  • Attribute: STATUS
  • Attribute for Part 2: WOSTATUSDESC.DESCRIPTION
  • Input Mode for Part 2: Readonly
  • Copy other properties from the old field if needed

Test the modified application and delete the old field when the the new one is working fine.

How to display a domain description in an application

3 thoughts on “How to display a domain description in an application

  1. Is it possible somehow to expose only the Descriptions of an ALN Domain int the UI, while still storing the Values in the db? This would let users see the friendly text but the db could have the UPPER values.

  2. Combo Box (Dropdown) property will by default show the description, but store the domain value in database. For example, let's say you set up a numeric domain where you have the following:


    The combo box (dropdown) will show the colors. After the user picks no value or one of the colors, what gets saved to the database will be null, 1, 2, 3 or 4.

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