Attachments (DOCLINKS) Configuration

This procedure describes how to set up attached documents in Maximo 7.1 and above with IBM WebSphere Application Server. In this procedure I will use [IHSDIR] and [DOCLINKSDIR] tags to identify IBM HTTP Server and attachments home directory respectively. Replace those tags according to your environment. Here are the default values. Windows [IHSDIR] – C:\Program Files\IBM\HTTPServer […]

Securing Maximo with SSL/HTTPS

Maximo installation configures by default HTTP unencrypted communication. This basic configuration may represent a security exposure especially when the server is reachable from the public internet. This article describes all the steps needed to enable HTTPS (SSL) communications for Maximo. It comprises the following main steps. Creation of a self-signed certificate IBM HTTP Server configuration […]

Windows Server firewall rules for Maximo/SCCD installation

Windows 2008 Server default firewall rules are very restrictive. When installing Maximo or SmartCloud Control Desk on a remote WebSphere installed on a Windows 2008/20012 Server system you may hit some connectivity errors between the Maximo Administrative Workstation and the application server. I have found out you have to open the following ports/protocols: Ping: this […]

System requirements for IBM Maximo and SmartCloud Control Desk

Sometimes is a bit hard to find an exact list of system requirements and prerequisites for IBM Maximo and SmartCloud Control Desk (SCCD) products. If you want to know what are the supported operating systems and middleware versions here are the most important sources of information: IBM SmartCloud Control Desk system requirements IBM Maximo system […]

Automatically start Maximo or SCCD server

To automatically start Maximo or SmartCloud Control Desk (SCCD) when the hosting server starts you need to configure the WebSphere Node Agent to start automatically start at server boot. Automatically start WebSphere Node Agent This can be achieved on Windows setting up the WebSphere Node Agent as a Windows service using the WASService command located […]

How to debug Maximo/TPAE

This entry is part of the Maximo Java Development series. Debugging is a great aid in developing Maximo/TPAE customizations in Java. This powerful technique, albeit simple, is too often ignored or neglected by less experienced developers. In this tutorial I will show how to connect Eclipse to a remote Maximo server in debug mode.Here we go. Enable debug […]

Maximo Web Services tutorial

This entry is part of the Maximo Integration Framework series. This article explains how to setup and use Web Services capabilities of the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF/MEA).In Maximo there are three different types of services that can be invoked from Web Services: Object Structure, Enterprise and Standard Services. This article will focus on Object Structure […]

Rapid Java class deployment on WebSphere

This entry is part of the Maximo Java Development series. In this post I will describe how to minimize the time needed to redeploy the custom Java code in Maximo running on WebSphere during the development phase. Note: The techniques explained in this article (except the first one) are recommended only for development environments. Here […]

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