How to improve DocLinks performances in Maximo/TPAE applications

During a performance assessment of a production customer environment I have set the mxe.db.logSQLTimeLimit system property to 2000 to log all long-running SQL statements (see this TechNote for details). Looking at the system logs I have noticed many entries like this. select * from doclinks where (ownertable=’WORKORDER’ and ownerid=1065680) or (ownertable=’WORKORDER’ and ownerid in (select […]

How to create Maximo demo database (MAXDEMO)

The Maximo contains an extremely useful command to create a demo database filled with a sample data. This can be really helpful when learning haw Maximo works. Tho create the demo database perform these steps. Stop the application server (MXServer) Open a command prompt Move to:[SMP_DIR]\maximo\tools\maximo Issue the following command:maxinst -s[INDEXTABLESPACE] -t[DATATABLESPACE] By default both […]

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