System requirements for IBM Maximo and SmartCloud Control Desk

Sometimes is a bit hard to find an exact list of system requirements and prerequisites for IBM Maximo and SmartCloud Control Desk (SCCD) products. If you want to know what are the supported operating systems and middleware versions here are the most important sources of information: IBM SmartCloud Control Desk system requirements IBM Maximo system […]

Checkpoints for fixpack and addon installation

Many customers I work with use a procedure like this one to clone Maximo environments between production, test and development environments. When you use such techniques, you may quickly screw up some settings used during installation of Maximo fixpacks and upgrades.Here are some important things to check before installing any release, fixpack or add-on. Maximo […]

Maximo 7.5 education sessions

During the second half of 2012 IBM held some great education sessions to assist customers in planning their upgrade to Maximo Asset Management 7.5 and SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5. This series was devoted to the Maximo product suite, add-on’s and industry solutions. In each session, a member of the business architecture team delivers a presentation chronicling […]

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