Maximo Anywhere API Reference

The configuration and customization chapters of the Maximo Anywhere documentation is great for many scenarios but sometimes you need to work with Dojo scripting and Anywhere platform to implement changes to standards screens and business rules. I have developed my own Anywhere API Reference with the objective of helping myself and the Anywhere technical community […]

Maximo 7.5 education sessions

During the second half of 2012 IBM held some great education sessions to assist customers in planning their upgrade to Maximo Asset Management 7.5 and SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5. This series was devoted to the Maximo product suite, add-on’s and industry solutions. In each session, a member of the business architecture team delivers a presentation chronicling […]

Maximo location types

Locations are places where assets are stored. Locations are typically the places where assets operate, but include any building, place, or other areas that contain assets, where maintenance work might be performed.A Maximo Location stores aggregated data of all events and costs performed within that Location. This includes the movement of assets into and out […]

Maximo Performance Best Practices White Papers

IBM has just released updated versions of Maximo Performance Best Practices White Papers. This papers provide useful information to improve the performance of all Maximo/TPAE based products wether they are deployed in small, medium, or large scale customer environments.They can be downloaded from IBM developerWorks: Best Practices for System Performance 7.5.x Best Practices for System […]

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