System as-built documentation with MxLoader

Many large clients require to deliver an as-built document as part of the deliverables to be produced before the go-live. This is typically a Word document where all the Maximo configurations must be listed and described. I think this document has little real value for several reasons: In this article I will propose a better […]

Maximo 7.5 education sessions

During the second half of 2012 IBM held some great education sessions to assist customers in planning their upgrade to Maximo Asset Management 7.5 and SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5. This series was devoted to the Maximo product suite, add-on’s and industry solutions. In each session, a member of the business architecture team delivers a presentation chronicling […]

Maximo 7.5 scripting guide

Scripting is a powerful new feature that was introduced in Maximo 7.5.Checkout this hidden Scripting with Maximo guide from IBM lead developers. A very comprehensive list of examples is available here.My colleague Mathias has also a very interesting blog on scripting. Other articles and resources Launch report Automation scripting and email listener All scripting articles […]

Rotating and non-rotating assets in Maximo

In Maximo/TPAE applications assets can be either rotating or non-rotating. The difference between those two types of assets is sometimes not clear. Rotating assets are assets that are interchangeable, such as motors, pumps, fire extinguishers, or PC monitors. Rotating assets have both a unique asset number and an inventory item number. The item number lets […]

Maximo REST APIs reference material

Legacy REST API The REST API are available in Maximo starting from version 7.5.Here is a collection of useful resources to learn how to use REST in Maximo. Official MAM REST API documentation RESTing with Maximo (developerWorks) Using REST API Details (developerWorks) Maximo REST API usage example NextGen REST API The official documentation for the […]

Maximo Performance Best Practices White Papers

IBM has just released updated versions of Maximo Performance Best Practices White Papers. This papers provide useful information to improve the performance of all Maximo/TPAE based products wether they are deployed in small, medium, or large scale customer environments.They can be downloaded from IBM developerWorks: Best Practices for System Performance 7.5.x Best Practices for System […]

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