Maximo Inventory explained

Check out the this TechNote from IBM about Maximo inventory management.
Another interesting resource is the Understanding Maximo Asset Management inventory reorder calculations video. The same presentation is available in PDF format.

Inventory application map (Maximo Secrets)

Maximo Inventory explained

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  1. Hello Bruno,
    I have a query regarding Reorder Process. There is a custom requirement where the user wants to add a custom YORN field at Reorder Details Tab in Inventory application. The user wants that this field should be added as Reorder Cron Task parameter and if the custom YORN field =1, PR should be generated in APPR status and if custom YORN Field=0, PR should be generated in WAPPR status. The custom YORN field is at inventory level and being selected/unchecked at reorder details tab. Kindly guide me to this

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