Brief history of Maximo, TPAE, TAMIT, CCMDB, TSRM

In today’s post I want to share with you a brief history of Maximo and how it relates with many other IBM products TAMIT, CCMDB, TSRM.

Maximo is the product name introduced in early 1990’s that was then classified as Computerized Maintenance Management Software or CMMS, by Project Software Development, Inc. (PSDI) During the Dot Com era the company change name to MRO Software as a recognition to the decline of the original Project Software, to the ascendancy of the Maximo product. It was at this time that MRO acquired Main Control and it’s ITAM product knowledge. That was the beginning of the Eagle project. The merging of ITAM and EAM started. It was though that in one product the functions for service desk, IT Asset Management, and traditional Asset Management could be performed. Welcome to Maximo v6.

The functional capabilities for TAMIT and TSRM were provisioned separately in version 6.2. This was more than just marketing and licensing. Actual feature functionality was turned on or off depending on those licenses. This was the beginning of the division of the various products into truly different product offerings all built on the Tivoli Process Automation Engine (TPAE). Version 7.1 and 7.2 of Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), TSRM as well as TAMIT, and CCMDB are all built on the exact same platform with a variety of differences including additional persistent and non-persistent objects, encoded business logic (i.e. class files), as well as content to enable automated business processes.

Version 7.5 now performs a very important function of providing better synergy and consistency in business processes across the various products. This allows clients to ostensibly use the same instance with much more efficient use of the software, and better visibility and control for all assets managed and maintained by the various product based on the original Maximo product.

Brief history of Maximo, TPAE, TAMIT, CCMDB, TSRM

4 thoughts on “Brief history of Maximo, TPAE, TAMIT, CCMDB, TSRM

  1. Bruno, thanks…I'd love to see a post on a history of major Maximo releases, all the way down to Maximo 1. I think it would be interesting. I have been googling and can't find anything. The more recent history of releases should help us identify trends and take educated guesses on when the next big version will come out.

  2. Hi Bruno…Thanks.
    Pls let me know,how can we monitor IOT using netcool or tivoli products.

  3. This post was 11 years ago
    Are these Tivoli-based solutions still available?
    Are they all embedded in the IBM Control Desk?
    I’m particularly interested in CCMDB

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