IoT and IIoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most significant trends in technology today. A melding of innovations in the fields of computing and communication, IoT and its “smart” devices are poised to revolutionize not only user-machine interaction but also the way in which machines engage with one another. IoT is now permeating in […]

IBM’s mobile solutions for Maximo

This article is outdated!IBM Anywhere is now available. In several forums and groups I have recently seen, there is some confusion around the current IBM’s mobile solutions for Maximo so I will try to give my personal view on this hot topic.Before going on keep in mind that this analysis is updated to the current situation as […]

Brief history of Maximo, TPAE, TAMIT, CCMDB, TSRM

In today’s post I want to share with you a brief history of Maximo and how it relates with many other IBM products TAMIT, CCMDB, TSRM. Maximo is the product name introduced in early 1990’s that was then classified as Computerized Maintenance Management Software or CMMS, by Project Software Development, Inc. (PSDI) During the Dot […]

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