A new interesting Android tablet for Maximo

After Motorola ET1 tablet and Toughpad FZ-A1 a new option is now available to mobilize your Maximo users.Few days ago Panasonic has announced the availability of the Toughpad JT-B1 7-inch Android tablet. I will never stop saying that I think Android is the best strategic choice for the Mobile workforce. IBM is focusing on this platform and will soon […]

Do you use Maximo Everyplace on Android?

If you use Maximo Everyplace on Android you may wish to look at this small native app that I have developed to overcome some minor limitations of the product. This are the enhancement provided by this native mobile app: Free up screen space hiding browser’s address bar and notification bar Enable barcode scanning through the […]

IBM’s mobile solutions for Maximo

This article is outdated!IBM Anywhere is now available. In several forums and groups I have recently seen, there is some confusion around the current IBM’s mobile solutions for Maximo so I will try to give my personal view on this hot topic.Before going on keep in mind that this analysis is updated to the current situation as […]

How to enable barcode scanning for Maximo Everyplace on Android

With this post I will start a small set of articles on Maximo Everyplace which is a feature that provides the ability to use Maximo on mobile devices through the device web browser. An interesting article on IBM Asset Management blog describes how to use a bluetooth barcode scanner paired with an iPhone or an […]

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