security groups

Setup password expiration in Maximo

I was recently struggling understanding how enable password expiration in Maximo when using native authentication. This IBM TechNote explains very well how the standard Maximo expiration configuration works but there is a very tricky sentence: In the case of a user belonging to any groups not containing a password expiration, the user’s password will never […]

Automation Script to reset user’s Start Centers

In a previous post I have explained how to force the reload of a the start center for a specific group of users.I have now developed a useful automation script that can be invoked from the Security Group application to automatically perform this task with just one click.Register the script as a Script with an […]

Security groups and application authorizations

We all know how flexible Security Groups are when dealing with user roles and granting application authorizations. However, flexibility often brings complexity.You have carefully designed user’s roles defining what applications and actions they are allowed to access in Maximo and implemented all using Security Groups application. The system goes live and after one or two […]

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