Automation Script to reset user’s Start Centers

In a previous post I have explained how to force the reload of a the start center for a specific group of users.
I have now developed a useful automation script that can be invoked from the Security Group application to automatically perform this task with just one click.
Register the script as a Script with an Action Launch Point and link it to a sigoption and to a menuaction, toolbar icon or application button as described in this post or this one.

# Reset users Start Centers
# Object: MAXGROUP
# Resets the Start Centers for all users assigned to the selected Security Group
# Should be called when all users are logged off so the start center is reloaded after the login
# See:

from psdi.server import MXServer
from psdi.util.logging import MXLoggerFactory

mxserver = MXServer.getMXServer()
logger = MXLoggerFactory.getLogger("maximo.maximodev")"Entering MXD_RESETSC")

# Execute delete statement
def execDelete(objectName, where):
    sql = "delete from " + objectName + " where " + where
    logger.debug("Executing SQL statement: " + sql)
    conKey = mxserver.getSystemUserInfo().getConnectionKey()
    con = mxserver.getDBManager().getConnection(conKey)
    s= con.createStatement()

grpname = mbo.getString("GROUPNAME")

where1 = "scconfigid IN (SELECT scconfigid FROM scconfig WHERE groupname='" + grpname + "')"
where2 = "layoutid IN (SELECT layoutid FROM layout WHERE " +where1+ ")"

execDelete("PORTLETDISPLAY", where2)
execDelete("REPORTLISTCFG", where2)
execDelete("RSCONFIG", where2)
execDelete("FACONFIG", where2)
execDelete("INBXCONFIG", where2)
execDelete("KPILCONFIG", where2)
execDelete("KPIGCONFIG", where2)
execDelete("ACTIONSCFG", where2)
execDelete("LAYOUT", where2)

execDelete("SCCONFIG", where1)

Automation Script to reset user’s Start Centers

2 thoughts on “Automation Script to reset user’s Start Centers

  1. Bruno, this is awesome. I have been looking, I also want to change the title for Incidents to add the ticket ID. I'm working with an app to help people auto track their work. So this isn't flagged as an ad comment, I will keep the name on wraps for now. The issue is that I can't see to figure out how to do that with dojo, and I don't want to start whacking the built-in js files, and have to push the WAR and EAR over and over. I even went as far as to think about installing tampermonkey but that is just crazy to support what I think should be a default UI element, INCIDENT – any ideas??

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