Security groups and application authorizations

We all know how flexible Security Groups are when dealing with user roles and granting application authorizations. However, flexibility often brings complexity.You have carefully designed user’s roles defining what applications and actions they are allowed to access in Maximo and implemented all using Security Groups application. The system goes live and after one or two […]

Analyze BIRT report performances and execution time

Some days ago I came across this interesting post from Pam Denny that describes the 80/20 rule. Based on this empirical rule 80% of the report processing is done by only 20% of used reports.That’s why I developed a simple SQL query that uses the LASTRUNDURATION field of the REPORT table to list the report […]

Enable lookup in report parameters selection page

In this post I will show how to enable the lookup functionality for selecting one or multiple values in a report parameter.Instead of creating a new lookup I will show all the necessary configurations looking at the built-in report ‘Inventory Balance’ (inventory_balance_tbl.rptdesign). Enabling lookup in report Open the ‘Report Administration’ application and search for ‘Inventory […]

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