Special automation scripts .NEW .SAVE .DUPLICATE

I want to share a small trick I have learned from this presentation.

It is an undocumented feature of Automation Scripts that will automatically launch a script based on a special naming convention.

For example if you want to run a script each time a ASSET object is saved you just have to create an automation script (without a Launch Point) and call it ASSET.SAVE.

There are just three events that can be used:

  • .NEW
  • .SAVE

As an example lets define the a script that sets a default description when an asset is duplicated.

Open the Automation Scripts application and select Create > Script from the action menu. Create the following script.

  • Description: Override description when duplication an asset
  • Language: python
  • Source Code:
dupmbo.setValue("DESCRIPTION", "New asset!!!")

Thanks to Stephen Hume and Steven Cliff from BPD Zenith.

Special automation scripts .NEW .SAVE .DUPLICATE

3 thoughts on “Special automation scripts .NEW .SAVE .DUPLICATE

    1. heh – and even that obscure documentation that WW posted is now lost. Nice work IBM.

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